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Don MacVittie is an Accelerated Strategies Group Analyst, Ingrained Technology CEO, and prolific writer. Don brings breadth of experience from start-up to enterprise, and from cell phone development to CTO. He has worked at numerous fortune 1000 enterprises, and several high-tech vendors in the course of his career.

Don led the systems implementation of the first 100% automated meter reading system at a utility in North America, has written about IT and IT transformations for a breadth of publications and vendors, and led technical marketing for F5 Networks’ BIG-IQ product line during product launch.

Don currently focuses on DevOps and enterprise reach to the cloud, more on the automation and tooling side, writing and consulting with vendors about how tools fit into real-world enterprises, and how enterprises can solve the problems of today, given their current technical architecture and technical debt. Always a realist, Don thinks the IT folks are the biggest asset, tools just a way for them to do more.

"Don is known for his sage advice because he stays on top of current trends and adoption of technology and products."
Mitch Ashley
CEO and Founder
Accelerated Strategies Group